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German Silver sinks are warranted against manufacturing defects and leaks up to one year. Original sinks intended for fine China and Crystal maintenance, reproductions are exact duplicates of original sinks but use outside this scope is acceptable. We caution against sharp objects such as butcher knives and forks being dropped into bottom of sinks. Because of the grade of metal we do not warranty countertops. Hot objects placed on them may cause glue to loosen and metal to put away from under structure. All reproductions are fully inspected and tested for defects such as pitch and leaking before leaving shop. Photographs of each sink are taken and put in files along with their serial number, which may be found on the tag at the bottom of each sink.


As each sink is a hand crafted special order item, there are no refunds after the start of production. If there is a mistake in the original specifications of the sink, the cost will be incurred by the purchaser.

The German Silver Sink Co. has obtained United States Trademark Registration No. 2,281,023 for its stylized “S” curve divider design. Our trademark identifies us as the source of sinks bearing the design. In seeing our trademarked design, our clientele is assured of the highest quality reproductions available. We consider any third party’s use of the design to be a violation of our Trademark rights.

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